This organization, administered by a group of Caribbean-Canadian nationals, is determined to help other Caribbean heritage nationals here in Ontario and the Caribbean in their time of need. (CCREMA) Caribbean Canadian Relief Education Medical Assistance is a non-profit charity, focused primarily on the youths and less privileged who encounter major challenges as they aspire to achieve their goals in the community, thereby enabling them a better opportunity in life. This includes education, medical and other forms of emergency support including agency referrals.

REMA is a non-profit, charitable organization, Registration # 85083 9465 RR0001. 


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In 2008, the philanthropic effort of a group of Vincentians living in Canada resulted in an organization known as the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Relief Education Medical Assistance Organization of Ontario (SVG REMA). The official launch of this organization took place in April 2010 with a mandate to foster and promote relief, education and medical assistance to Caribbean nationals in Canada and in their Caribbean homelands. On February 14, 2011 the organization attained charitable status through the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

REMA was formed out of concerns in relations to education, medical and relief prospects for those less privileged of the Canadian Caribbean Heritage. Bearing in mind the critical needs for constructive mobilization in working together for the welfare of all Canadian Caribbean nationals, we are dedicated to upholding, highlighting such legacies related to our culture; while focusing on the enhancing of opportunities designed for the economic growth for the people.


To foster and promote relief, education and medical assistance to Caribbean Heritage Nationals


CCREMA is an organization with a vision to mobilize our resources: embracing a mindset where we can unite, effectively maximizing our efforts around initiatives of like goals; inclusive for all, that is, groups, agencies, businesses, individuals and families; and celebrating while positively building on the inevitable.


We are always looking for volunteers. You can also contribute to our worthwhile causes by e-mail info@ccrema.ca . Please share your new project ideas with us as we will like to support the many ventures around our objectives.


cialis non prescription REMA members are persons of various competencies of Canadian Caribbean heritage, dedicated to the giving of their time, gifts and talents to the mission of the organization.

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source link Administrative Associates:


  • Edna Hunt
  • Elma Gabriel
  • Israelin Shockness


The committee may add other officers as it deems necessary

Constitution of the Caribbean Canadian Relief, Education and Medical Assistance Committee (CCREMA)

acquistare viagra online generico 100 mg a Napoli OVERVIEW

Over the past two decades, Colleges and Universities in Canada have realized a significant decline in graduates among some disadvantaged groups, particularly males. Members of CCREMA have recognized this reality and have adopted measures to reverse this trend by employing methods that would enhance academic excellence among such individuals. Concomitantly, it would also attempt to address the health-related challenges facing such individuals.

Consequently, CCREMA will focus on Canadian students of Caribbean heritage as well as Caribbean students who are currently studying in Canada. It will provide academic guidance and assistance to these students and link those ‘in need’ to appropriate mentorship and tutorial services in their vicinity. Moreover, it would offer bursaries and make books available to these students in order to facilitate their academic success. Academic enhancement is considered among many scholars and observers to be an important tool in fighting crime and reducing unemployment.

In its commitment to health, CCREMA is determined to promote public health and awareness among Caribbean students who are currently studying in Canada by making available to them workshops and seminars on health. In addition, CCREMA would monitor the health-related challenges confronting individuals of differing abilities in the homeland nations of these students and employ the services and experience of Canadian health care professionals to facilitate the health objectives of selected Caribbean countries, particularly as it relates to those disorders such as diabetes and hypertension that seem to affect many individuals from the Caribbean.

Of considerable concern to CCREMA is the noticeable rise in the disadvantaged sector as it relates to the disabled furthermore, CCREMA is resolute in its plans to be inclusive with members of disabled groups as part of its mandate.

In addition, many islands of the Caribbean have been, from time to time, bombarded with natural disasters including hurricanes and volcanic eruptions. CCREMA will be proactive in its relief effort to mitigate the needs of those individuals devastated by such natural disasters. The recent destruction of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Dominica and St. Lucia by hurricane Tomas mobilized CCREMA, though still in its formative stages at the time, to render assistance to those individuals that were most negatively affected. CCREMA is committed to being proactive and to being better prepared for dealing more effectively with such future catastrophes.

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=price-propecia Determined to alleviate the conditions of Caribbean nationals in Canada, and to treat this as a matter of urgent and pressing necessity, it is hereby agreed and declared as follows:

  1. vardenafil senza ricetta Puglia Establishment of the Caribbean Canadian Relief, Education and Medical Assistance Committee (CCREMA)

The Caribbean Canadian Relief, Education and Medical Assistance Committee (herein after called the Committee), is hereby established to function with immediate effect.

  1. generic levitra without prescription The Committee is comprised of the following officers who shall be the policy making body, namely:
    1. Chairperson
    2. Co-Chairperson
  • Secretary
  1. Treasurer
  2. Public Relations Officer
  3. Education Consultant
  • Medical Consultant

The Committee may add other officers as it deems necessary.

  1. http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-viagra-generico-100-mg Term and Tenure of the Committee

Each committee member’s term of office is for a period of three years, but any member may be removed from office for misconduct, major illness or gross dereliction of duty. Where a committee member is desirous of having his/her term renewed, he/she must give written notice to the Chairperson not less than one calendar month before the expiry of his/her existing term. Where a committee member wishes to vacate their role prior to completion of his/her term of office, he or she must give written notice to the Chairperson of not less than one calendar month. Exceptions can be made by the executive committee, where extenuating circumstances exist.

  1. http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=canadian-levitra-coupons-best-prices Aims and Objectives of the Committee
  1. To relieve poverty among Caribbean nationals by providing food and other basic supplies to persons in urgent need.
  2. To provide necessities of life to victims of disasters.
  • To provide or promote public health of Caribbean nationals and Caribbean students in Canada by educating and instructing the public on prevention of, and curative measures for, health problems, and by researching and documenting changes in the health of the community.
  1. To provide support and encouragement to persons studying in Canada by facilitating individual development and integration into the community.
  2. To assist in the just and legitimate needs of Canadian students of Caribbean heritage and Caribbean students studying in Canada who are presently registered in school, who have demonstrated the need for financial help, and who, in the sole discretion of the Committee, have shown dedication to their studies.
  3. The Committee is complementary to any other organization or group whose purpose is to assist Canadian students of Caribbean heritage and Caribbean students currently studying in Canada. The Committee will be amenable to co-operating and collaborating with other entities whose goals are directed towards education, medical and relief efforts.
  • The Committee will conduct its affairs in a fair, just, and transparent manner, but will have due regard, at all times, for the privacy and confidentiality of the individuals it assists.
  • In the performance of its functions, the Committee shall act in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the appropriate government authorities in Canada.
  1. The Committee shall determine its own procedure including the time and frequency of meetings, and the methods of vetting applications for financial or other assistance.
  2. Decisions of the Committee made in its own deliberate judgment shall be final and conclusive, and are not amenable to review by anyone.
  1. click Membership

Membership in the Committee shall be by appointment by the Executive Committee.

  1. get link Quorum

25% plus one member shall comprise a quorum chaired by the Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, or in his/her absence someone designated by either.