Relationship Controversy: the understanding to the rich diverse composition of Caribbean Blackness.

enter I am a Portuguese-Caribbean, Afro-Caribbean, First Nations ‘Womban’ of the
West Indies.

get link They say a “true” Carib is a dead Carib. I don’t get it. My theory is they
want to beLIEve that we do not exist because they love their “creativity”
with writing their “his-story,” as opposed to our narrative. Apparently, our
indigeneity is unacceptable because we are not “pure” in blood. Yet, many of
us who identify and/or labelled as “Black” are not “pure” in blood as well.
7.8 million Euro-Americans (yes, I said Euro-Americans), would be labelled
as “Black” today if the one drop rule existed. So really, what does “purity”
have to do with anything? Hi, my name is Kah’teri Rose, child of Annie and
Sele, I am a Portuguese-Caribbean, Afro-Caribbean, First Nations Womban of
the West Indies, and I’m proud of it. I’m proud of my biological make
up…I’m proud, so proud to be part of the legacy of struggle, to have
survivor written all over my DNA, in Fula, maybe Yoruba, possibly Ashanti,
with those Carib, Taino, Arawak, Kalinago symbols, oh and the courage of my
father, the courage of my father who stood and continues to stand by his
mixed (impure, steupes) wife, children and grandchildren. Daddy, you’re the
real MVP! “Blood of a slave, heart of a Queen!”

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